We help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses fly with a blueprint for success.

What do you think of when you hear the words accounting, taxes or government compliance?

We thought so.

We would love the opportunity to switch your perception to something that inspires teamwork, collaboration and, above all, RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

We are Oneida Franco and Enrique (Rick) Diaz - partners in life and Franco Blueprint Inc. Our customized services will ensure that you breathe easy as your business rides the waves of growth.

We’ll dive into the financial core of your business to create a solid structure, and then implement a sound system that works for you. All day, every day.

Reducing the paper in paperwork, we are proud to run our operations completely on the cloud.  We are doing our part to safeguard the environment and we encourage our clients to do the same.


How we work


CONSULT: We’ll get to know each other; understand where you are, and where you want to go with your business.

ASSESS: We get to navigating the twists and turns of your most profitable path.

PROPOSE: You receive a detailed plan of action from us.

IMPLEMENT: You say yes, and we get to work... No more drowning in year-end reports!


Each business is unique and needs will change as you ride the waves of growth. we’ll collaborate with you to provide solutions to those needs and set you up for success.

“It has been an amazing experience working with Franco Blueprint and I can’t say enough about Oneida! She is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable people I have ever met.
Proactive, committed, very helpful and patient with me as we worked to come up with the perfect plan for my companies. It is very reassuring to know you have someone on your side who you can contact with questions as they arise; someone who is incredibly responsive - even in the middle of tax season!
As a small business owner, having the right team is crucial to success.
Oneida checks in with me periodically and offers critical insight, which is extremely helpful in making decisions that impact our bottom line. From the very beginning, Oneida strategized for the maximum financial benefit of my businesses and myself. I am very grateful and cannot begin to thank her enough for going the extra mile on my behalf!”
— Consuelo Campos, President of Altech Miami and Manuka Inc.
When I left my salaried job to go freelance, I felt lost... until I contacted Franco Blueprint, Inc. Oneida and Rick not only helped me navigate the challenges of taxation and taught me the importance of balancing my spending and saving budgets, but they also showed me how to enjoy the process so my business can remain a passion and not a burden. I send clients and friends to them now!
— Claire Dilworth, Fine Artist Manager

Our mission

Our primary goal is to assist and empower entrepreneurs in creating healthy financial foundations for their businesses. By first educating them on essential accounting operations - that will increase income, prevent fraud, and pinpoint cash flow mismanagement - we then introduce administrative controls and compliance protocols. These are all key components in our commitment to ensuring businesses achieve smart and steady growth.

Our secondary goal is to educate individuals, especially our youth, on money management strategies. We believe that the next generation needs to create a positive and proactive relationship with their finances. By guiding them to do so, we actively participate in creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Check out our local and international  initiatives here.

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