When and Why You'll Need a QuickBooks® Consultant

Modern bookkeeping has made structuring and handling account systems easier than ever!

The main reason is because of advanced software, like QuickBooks®, that helps businesses manage all of their accounting functions. QuickBooks® has revolutionized conventional bookkeeping.

If your business setup is simple, you can easily rely on accountants and staff to get the job done. However, the real problem arises when your small business expands and it becomes clear you’ll need additional expertise. This is where a QuickBooks® consultant comes into the picture.  

What is a QuickBooks® Consultant? 

A QuickBooks consultant is an expert who has extensive knowledge and a lot of experience using QuickBooks software and its tools. He/she has complete and thorough understanding of the software’s features and how to maximize its functions specifically for your business needs. Furthermore, a consultant knows how QuickBooks can stretch its limits to optimize your current accounting processes and reporting.   

Why and When You’ll Need Consultant Services?

Your Reports are Delayed

Generating automatic reports with QuickBooks® is very easy. However, this can be a troublesome task if there are incompetent people in your accounting department. If you are not receiving your monthly reports on time, especially when you need them, your accountants are not proactively managing your books.

No one wants this to happen - as it may affect the rest of your business. We recommend hiring a QuickBooks® consultant who can train your staff on how to generate automatic reports.


Your Checks Are Often Declined

There is nothing more embarrassing than getting your check declined, especially if you are a startup and looking for potential clients. If it happens once in a while, it’s fine, but when it becomes a regular thing, it’s time to reevaluate your accounting system and/or bookkeeping process. 

Hiring a QuickBooks® consultant can solve this issue. We recommend training your employees on how they can use QuickBooks® effectively to maintain cash flow. This way you’ll be on top of your company’s bank accounts status.


You Have a Long List of QuickBooks® Transactions 

This is another frequent problem many entrepreneurs face while using the un-deposited funds option during QuickBooks® setup. It mainly records all financial transactions in your business and updates to display these transactions for a limited period. 

If there are too many transactions on the window, handling them can be a problem. A QuickBooks® consultant can help you sort out this populated list of payments, deposit records and invoices related to your business account.

Plus, your QuickBooks® consultant will help you review your old and recent transactions - providing assistance to set up better invoicing systems and deposit accounts.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there’s no doubt that QuickBooks® software is widely used by many entrepreneurs for a solid accounting system. Many companies have started to rely on QuickBooks® consultants to maximize the use of this highly efficient software.

A QuickBooks® consultant can resolve issues like bounced checks, late reporting, and flawed financial information. 

Contact us today to see if hiring Franco Blueprint Inc.’s consultancy services is the next step for you. We’ll train your employees and fix any QuickBooks® software-related issues.