If you need a more hands-on approach

Or simply need to restructure your business accounting, Franco Blueprint Inc. offers a full service solution that can be customized to your needs and industry. Through this comprehensive program, we aim to bring the following benefits into your company:

  • Improved accounting controls and reporting

  • Improved processes for organizing tax reporting information for your CPA

  • Reducing internal costs and avoiding penalty fees

  • Financial Reporting and Audits

  • Payroll and Human Resources Administration

  • Ongoing Federal and State level compliance

  • Weekly and Monthly meetings

We will build the accounting infrastructure necessary to support early stage growth without the capital and internal resources typically required. You will have flexibility to convert from an outsourced arrangement with us to an in-house function if your requirements change. Best of all, you can put the focus on core responsibilities without concern for the financial health of your business.

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In an effort to expand our business, we needed to be bonded and a working capital line of credit. Our financial statements were not up to par and it was becoming difficult to secure either one. Franco Blueprint, restructured our accounting system, implementing a new chart of accounts, restructuring our work in progress reports and provided accurate financial statements. Within months we secured bonding and a $1M line of credit. We continue to work with them to keep our books in order and we highly recommend any business looking to improve every financial aspect of their operations to give them a call.
— Tim Brown, COO of Osman Ltd.

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