A full service solution so you never have to weather the storm alone.


Through this comprehensive program, we aim to bring the following benefits into your company: improved accounting controls and reporting, improved processes for organizing tax-reporting information for your CPA; reducing internal costs and avoiding penalty fees. 

We will build the accounting infrastructure necessary to support early stage growth without the capital and internal resources typically required.  You will have flexibility to convert from an outsourced arrangement to an in-house function if your requirements change.  Best of all, you can put the focus on core responsibilities without concern for the financial health of your business!



Stage 1: project kick off/ implementation/ requirements/ documentation

  • During this first phase, we will meet to review overall project goals and establish metrics to monitor achievement of objectives.

  • In addition, we will map out the current Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes, document approval authority, review annual tax preparation requirements, review the format of your financial statements and dashboards, and define administrative and user rights. Finally, we will document the specific accounting responsibilities of your company and Franco Blueprint Inc., to confirm they are aligned with the scope of the proposal.


Stage 2: data migration

  • During this phase we will review enhance or generate files for:

               o   Chart of Accounts

               o   Clients

               o   Vendors

               o   Beginning balances

               o   General ledger month-end balances for prior 12-month period

               o   Open invoices and bills


Stage 3: testing / conference room pilot

  • Once the system has been configured and the data uploaded, we will meet with you to ensure that the system supports the requirements documented in the previous phase, reconcile reports and trial balances against your current accounting software application, and determine sign-off that the system is ready to be used in a production setting.


Stage 4: training

  • While one goal of this program is to off-load transactional accounting tasks from non-accounting personnel, it is important that your company’s management team knows how to run reports and check status of key accounting metrics. During this phase, we will train designated individuals to perform these critical tasks.


Implementation: eight to twelve weeks (contingent upon business size and complexity)

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