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Franco Blueprint provides guidance and mentoring so that your business accounting doesn't get neglected. It seems common sense that a good accounting system is critical to your business, but 50% of businesses fail within six months because business owners often ignore, or put off, their record keeping. They are essentially running their company blindfolded - not really knowing where they are, where they have been, or in what direction they are heading.  

We’ll dive into the financial core of your business to create a solid structure, and then implement a sound system that works for you. During a consultation, we’ll use our Blueprint4sucess™ model to determine what stage of growth your business is in, and the necessary steps to move your vision forward. Get in touch with us today to schedule a Q & A session.

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I previously used an online company to incorporate myself and they completely misguided me. I had to get it fixed before I got in trouble with the government. I couldn’t wait around and was relieved when Oneida got back to me quickly! She provided extraordinary assistance, patience, and was very thorough. She explained things in a way that I could understand. Oneida cares and it has been an optimal experience working with her!
— Oldalina Sanchez, Speech Pathologist, NYC