Build profits, not headaches


One of the biggest issues facing General Contractors today is accurate job costing reporting. If you don’t understand if jobs, projects or contracts are actually profitable, how can you accurately bid on projects without losing money.  With our proven BLUEPRINT4SUCCESS we establish the best job costing system for your business. Our process ensures that you are able to focus on acquiring profitable clients without the headache of dealing with financial reports that are not accurate. This is not software, but a proven process that develops and systemizes the right information so it’s available to you when you need it.  Now you can finally receive accurate, actionable information on Work in Progress, Profit and Loss by Customer and Cash Flow as well as accurately set up your Cost of Goods Sold accounts in order to prepare key management reports for you and your creditors.


Become more profitable

The Blueprint4Sucess results in an accurate job costing system helping you to bid accurately on future projects, jobs or contracts. It will help your business manage cash flow and apply for credits, working capital loans and get bonded. 

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