Having trouble paying your subcontractors on time?


Are you preparing your monthly requisitions accurately and on time?


Do you have an accounting system that tracks job costing accurately?

As a developer, you have unique business issues. Being able to have a firm who totally understands your business model and can help you increase profits is a distinct advantage. With 25+ years of experience in development and construction accounting, Franco Blueprint is highly qualified to give strategic advice for job costing, risk management, human resources, and more.  Our areas of expertise include:  Preparation of project cash flow projections, cost/benefit analyses, value engineering, and cost accounting services for all types of construction projects.


You will become more efficient and profitable 

Implementation of specific controls, development of customized functional job costing and financial reporting will create accurate, actionable information that will not only help you make better decisions, but also increases your capacity to:

  • Handle larger projects

  • Attract investors

  • Secure financing

  • Expedite funding

  • Minimize financial risks 

Contact us today for a lively discussion about your business and the

path to more profit!


Development Projects

Condos, Commercial Space – NY, NY

Condos, Commercial Space – NY, NY

W-Hotel Union Sq. – Office Bldg. Conversation

W-Hotel Union Sq. – Office Bldg. Conversation

87 Acre Mall Development – Yonkers, NY

87 Acre Mall Development – Yonkers, NY

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