Your small business is really a big business in disguise.



The most important element of a profitable business is its accounting structure and system. That what helps to accelerate small business growth and achieve its’ goals. Having well-established accounting controls is the key. In order to ensure that you have the proper system for your business, you’ll need to evaluate your entire business in order to structure it correctly.

Our BLUEPRINT4SUCCESS™ establishes your accounting structure in order to maximize profits and cut down cost. With a comprehensive 4-step process we are able to totally understand your business model, develop processes that compliment the way you are conducting business now, implement these recommendations and train you how to reap the benefits from having a structure that helps you make better decisions.


Every step of the way

Once you have gone through the Blueprint4Succes™, Franco Blueprint, Inc. provides monthly or quarterly review depending on your needs. This ensures that you are gaining the maximum benefit from the B4S and continue to grow and profit. 

Some to the tasks we perform at our review are:

  • Review of all general ledger accounts to ensure proper recordings of company transactions.

  • Monthly reconciliation of company's operating accounts, credit cards and other assets

  • Provide consultation on new accounting structure.

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